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deadguy+amanda = amazing day<3

some drunk faggot crashed into bella napoli and ruined everything in both of the walk in freezers.hahahahaha but he ruined our food and now hes dead. its funny because he crashed into a thick cinder block wall and went through it, he must have gotten smashed so hard.But enough of that today I hungout with <3amanda<3 and we went back to my house and she made my bed,folded all my sweaters,putting them in order by color,arrange everything,threw away alot of shit,and cleaned my computer desk.like why would she clean my room???Seriously that girl is so awesome,then we went out to eat at kfc.After that we went back to her house and just hungout and watched fox family, and had an all out fuckin bf gf good time.My life is bangin right now.

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